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Surgery can be very traumatic on the body, regardless of how minor it is. If you are scheduled for emergency surgery to repair internal bleeding or to fix a brain bleed, you need to have the surgery right away to save your life. If you are having surgery to fix a non-life threatening problem, there are certain circumstances where you should put the surgery off for a while. Below is a list of some of the reasons that you should call off surgery or at least postpone it for a while.

You Get Sick

If you suddenly come down with a fever, the flu, or a respiratory infection, it is best to speak to your doctor. Based on your symptoms, your doctor can let you know whether or not you should postpone your surgery. If you have more than just the sniffles, most doctors will advise that you wait.

You Have Not Yet Gone For a Second Opinion

Before you go in for any elective surgery, you should get a second opinion. Your doctor isn’t going to get upset that you are doing this, they actually expect it. Before you agree to have your procedure done, make sure that you speak with another doctor to verify that surgery is the best course of treatment.

Your Are Uncomfortable With Your Surgeon

If you feel uncomfortable around your doctor, if they make you feel rushed, or if you are intimidated by them, you might want to hold off on having surgery until you can find another doctor. You can contact your primary care physician and get the name of another qualified surgeon that you might feel more comfortable with.

You Haven’t Chosen an Anesthesiologist

You have the right to choose your own surgeon, just like you have the right to choose your own anesthesiologist. The surgeon and the anesthesiologist work together, therefore, you can get a recommendation from your surgeon to find the best person to put your out before your surgery. When you find the right person and you are ready to schedule your procedure, you need to make sure that both your surgeon and anesthesiologist are available on that day.

They Don’t Work As a Team

If you are in a medical facility where the surgeons are always competing and they work to build their own career rather than working as part of a team, they might not be the best surgeon for you. These surgeons will move forward with your surgery just to get another one under their belt, rather than getting the rest that they need to be fresh for your surgery. If you find that your surgeon cares more about how many surgeries they perform rather than your care, cancel your surgery and find another surgeon.

The Facility is Questionable

The place where you are going to have your surgery is just as important as the person who is performing it. You want to have your surgery done in a facility that focuses on safety and patient care rather than interior decorating. If you need to find a good hospital, you should check the U.S. News Best Hospital Rankings to find the best one in your area. Once you are in a highly rated facility, you can reschedule your surgery.

All Your Questions Have Not Been Answered

Before you go into surgery, you are going to have plenty of questions. You will want to know what will happen during the procedure. You will also want to know the potential complications, side effects after the surgery, and the average recovery time. If you don’t have all of the answers to these questions, you should put your surgery off until you get the answers that you are looking for.

Any surgery, even elective surgery is a big deal. If you are dealing with any of the issues listed above, you should not feel bad about postponing your surgery. It is your body being cut into, not the doctors. Therefore, you should not feel bad putting things off until the situation is better.