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The essential tools for taking care of an operation are ‘Human Hands.’ A patient, who is hoping for answers and healing remedies, is diagnosed and cured by your hands; they could be either sanitized and clean or a portal and transmitter of infection.

Surgical site infections significantly contribute to a failed surgery; which rather would’ve been a successful one. Therefore, you could consider hand washing to be the simplest way to control infection.

General surgeries, which focus on the abdominal contents of a human body, can lead to spreading various infections.

Function of Surgical Hand Scrub

There are several purposes of a surgical hand scrub all resulting in an infection less surgical procedure:

  1. Transient microorganisms and removing debris from hands, nails, and arm
  2. Minimal count of resident microbial count
  3. Inhibition of rapid rebound growth of microorganisms

Surgical Hand Scrub Techniques

Before entering the surgical suite, you should be performing a hand and arm scrub. There are two methods involved in a hand scrub:

  1. Stroke method: In which you scrub your fingers, palm, back of the hand and arm a certain number of times. The facility predesignates the brush strokes.
  2. Timed Scrub: Depending upon the facility protocol, each scrub should last from 3 to 5 minutes.

The fundamental principle is just; to wash your hands thoroughly from a cleaner area to a less clean area.

Characteristics of a Surgical hand scrub

The performance of a good Hand Scrub depends on these four categories:

  1. Antimicrobial Action: You should choose an agent with a broad range of antimicrobial activity against pathogenic organisms. As the agent (Hand Scrub) would only be effective if it works rapidly
  2. Persistent Activity: An ideal agent should offer a continuing activity; which helps you keep the bacteria; count low under the gloves. It’s quite important as studies have shown bacteria growth is faster in gloved rather than ungloved hands
  3. Safety: The agent should be safe on the body, and not damaging the skin and the environment
  4. Acceptance: This is the most important as take an example of a product that possesses all the characteristics as mentioned above but the user population fails to support its use. Acceptance of a good product is very crucial for its success

All the four characteristics reserve importance in their rights, and should be present for a complete package.

Benefits of a Hand Scrub

A hygienic hand scrub whether it may be traditional/ alcoholic is essential to be carried before surgery. Hence, Surgical Hand Scrub helps to prevent infections, in turn, saving lives of many.