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It can be difficult sometimes to get up the courage to have a medically necessary surgery. However, medical surgeries are very safe and important to help prolong your life. There are some basic things everyone should do before a surgery to prepare themselves for having a surgery.

What you should do before surgery

Let someone know when you are going in for surgery, and ask if they can drive you to the surgery or home from the surgery. Most hospitals will not allow patients to drive themselves home after surgery. If nobody is available to drive, consider getting an Uber or Lyft. Almost all hospitals will state that you cannot drive for up to 24 hours after surgery.

Take a long shower several times the day before to help your body relax and unwind.

Make sure you know what procedure you’re getting and check that your surgeons are qualified to do the surgery. Don’t rush into surgery unless it’s a life threatening operation. If a surgeon or company is making you feel uncomfortable, ask to talk to their supervisor or HR. You should also make sure the place you’re getting the procedure done is up to date with all procedures.

Give your surgeon a list of all your medications you take and any over-the-counter supplements. This includes vitamins and pills you take on a regular basis. Be sure you ask how soon before the surgery you can’t eat or take your medication. If anything changes before you go into surgery or there is a possibility you are pregnant, talk to your surgeon or their assistant right away.

Make sure you know upfront about the costs of the procedure and what your insurance will and will not cover. Get a contract.

What you should do when you arrive

Check in to the front desk and follow all proper procedures. Check and ensure they have the right surgery for you.

Wear comfortable clothing. Make sure to wear sturdy shoes. Do not wear flip-flips and try to avoid pants with rivets, like jeans.

If at all possible, bring another adult to accompany you to the surgery. The other person should be aware of what procedure is being performed and any potential issues that could arise.

What you should do after the surgery

  • Avoid driving for 24 hours after the surgery. Do not operate heavy machinery.
  • If possible, stay with another adult until 24 hours after the surgery.
  • If needed, consult with a doctor. Complete any post-follow up instructions from a doctor.

Questions? Call the location where you are having the procedure done. They should be happy to answer any concerns you have.