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The working world is a fast-paced race that you can easily become overwhelmed in. While trying to advance in the workplace, it is difficult to say no to those who might have a position higher up than you. However, saying yes to every request and project that comes your way is an easy way to have the quality of your work suffer. With too much work on your plate, you are just going to burn-out. Here are some simple ways that you can avoid burn-out by learning how to say no.

Learn to be assertive

One of the reasons you might be having a difficult time saying no is because you are not assertive enough. Learning to be assertive can be a very important thing to do in the workplace. There is a difference between being assertive and aggressive. This is something you must remember. You don’t have to be rude when you are telling people no. You can still be nice while you are asserting yourself and letting people know that you are not able to help them at this time.

Understand your limits

The longer you work in a professional setting, the more you will learn about your limits. It is important to make sure that you do not push your limits. This will cause you to burn-out quickly at your job. Let your co-workers know just what your limits are. Once you have let them know, it won’t be a shock when you tell them no from time to time.

Practice being nice while saying no

There are many ways to say no politely. Instead of straight up telling someone no, you could kindly explain to them the situation that you are going through. This will help you to not come off as a jerk. Over time it will become easier for you to find nice ways of telling people no.

Keep a planner at your desk

Keeping a planner at your desk will give you a better look at what the week holds for you at work. You will know when you have a couple hours here or there to help out with a project or a co-worker’s task. Also, when someone comes to your desk to ask you for help and you grab your planner, you will have a legitimate reason why you are telling them no. Instead of simply stating that you are just too swamped, you will have a detailed report of why you won’t be able to help them.